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Outdoor ass fucking by high heel sandals


Mistress Oriana like to humliate her slave, in this vidéo she fuck him hardly with her high heeled sandals, she digs her heel in his ass over and over and torture his balls with the other foot. It's more humiliating for the slave.

Length : 00:06:21


Hard high heel cbt under Mistress Lauryn shoes


Mistress Lauryn torture the balls and cock of her slave under her marvelous high heeled shoes, she stomp it, crush it and digs her heels in his balls without pity, Mistress Lauryn is realy cruel in his clip and her feet and shoes are marvelous.

Length : 00:06:45


Hard strapon domination at the riverside


Mistress Lauryn walk her slave at the riverside to fuck him, she force him to suck her strapon like a bitch and fuck him hadly with her strapon, she fuck him over and over, slap his ass and humiliate him verbaly.

Length : 00:05:40


high heel ass fucking in the wood for a human filt


Mistress Lea find a slave with is mouth gagged by a shoes, he is here only to be fucked by woman and Mistress Oriana like to fuck slave but she dont have her stapon so she fuck him with her heel heeled shoes, she digs her heels in his ass over and over to

Length : 00:06:29


Cock and balls Torture under cruel heels


Mistress Lauryn torture the cock and balls of her slave under her high heeled shoes, she crush and stomp his balls and cock, digs her heels in his balls hardly, stand full weight on his cock without any pity for the litle worm under her feet.

Length : 00:05:48